On the breast-plate of his harness, which was coated with silver, a gold-shape

On the hillside of Freiburg im Breisgau (Lorettoberg); 2007-12-03

Paper recycling bins at dusk on the hillside of Freiburg (Lorettoberg); photo

At supper the two new-come Knights were placed opposite the queenly Hildegardis. As Froda, after the fashion of the North, was sitting in full armour, the golden figure of Aslauga glittered from the silver cuirass full in the eyes of the proud lady. She smiled haughtily, as if she felt that it depended but on her will to drive the image of that fair one from the breast and the heart of the Knight. But suddenly a clear golden gleam passed through the hall, so that Hildegardis cried: “What keen lightning!” and covered her eyes with her hands. Froda, however, looked with joyful salutation at the bright splendour. Thereby Hildegardis' fear of him grew still deeper; though she thought within herself: “This highest and most mysterious of men was before all others born for her alone.” Yet she could not help often looking, almost against her will, with emotion and warmth at the poor Edwald, who was sitting there so silent and kindly, as if he were smiling compassionately on his own sorrow and his own vain hope.

Aslauga's Knight, by Friedrich de La Motte-Fouqué / Thomas Carlyle

On his breast the figure of a lady