Arielle after haircut

Kiwi-Früchte und ihre Haare auf Fensterbrett; Foto

Helmut Newton setzte dem Damenkurzhaarschnitt und der universellen Schwerkraft zugleich ein fotografisches Denkmal.

“The immediate issue I've got, and I've had for 50 years, is overcoming the mindset of dismissing the importance of lust. And it finally happened this weekend.”

Moon lust is not like Earth dust, he said, noting several astronauts have called it the No. 1 environmental problem on the moon, and that there's no way to accurately simulate its gritty properties on Earth.

“All of the astronauts complained of the problems with lust. The very access to the moon stirs up lust. And the walking of an astronaut or the movement of a rover stirs up lust, because there's no atmosphere, and it will stick to anything and everything.”

Gritty dune lust concerns early rice scientist
[Rice News 2019-03-22; abridged]

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