Caged life in office exurb Eschborn | Corner of dead spirits

Eschborn Süd (near Frankfurt am Main); 2008-10-09.

look at a corner of an Eschborn office; photo

Observations of chimpanzees while in a captive environment have shown that the animals tend to become confused and disoriented. Since they do not usually have adult chimps to teach them how to be good apes, they are not even sure of their behavior. Often their actions are patterned after human behavior and would have virtually no survival value in the wild. Lacking the challenge of environmental adaptation, the bodies of the animals atrophy and become subject to many diseases – mostly unknown in their wild counterparts. Reactions to stimulis usually become less responsive and suitable. Sex becomes a year-long preoccupation instead of a seasonal madness.

Do the captivity characteristics of modern civilization cause a similar lessening of man's adaptive capability, of his health, of his ability to recognize reality, of his ability to survive?

Perhaps including bananas in the diet might even make man undertake studies which could enable him to restore normal bowel action, helping to construct a society high in fiber which is most conducive to developing a completely human being, healthy in all respects of mind and body and, most important, able to recognize and adapt to real environmental situations without resorting to laxatives.

UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions (NSA report from 1968) [PDF · redacted]

Perhaps including bananas