the dancing lights, the noise, the confusion

spots of sunlight (through roller shutter and stained glass) on the duvet; photo

The waters trickled and splashed in every little break or tumbled with steady roar down the greater gorges; deep pools, fringed with masses of ferns, smooth as mirrors or flecked with dancing sunlight, were set like brilliants in the silver chain of each little stream; and rocks and pebbles, wonderful in their colours, were magnified and glorified into polished gems by the sparkling water.

I can indistinctly remember the dancing lights, the popping of champagne corks—the noise, the confusion, the thrumming of a piano, and the boisterous laughter—and then I fell into a condition of complete insensibility. When I awoke, I was astonished at my situation and naturally enough, for I was in a strange apartment and snugly stowed away in a strange but decidedly luxuriant bed. The room was handsomely furnished, but to my additional surprise, many female garments were scattered about, indicating that the regular inhabitant of the place was a lady. This mystery was soon solved, for I was not the only inmate of the couch. The place and the company, as dimly revealed by the uncertain morning light, inspired me with emotions of horror; and in my inexperience and ignorance, I said to myself—

“I must leave this place at once. How I came here is a mystery, but it is certain that I cannot remain.”

My companion, who had been observing my movements, exclaimed:

“Are you going to leave us, my lad? Then leave us your card, or a lock of your hair to remember you by.”

Jock: or the Adventures of Percy Thompson, by Geo. Fitzpatrick

no windows, but a narrow aperture, high up in the wall